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January 4, 2023A Day in the Life with YouHue in the Classroom

So, you’ve heard about YouHue, the social-emotional check-in app for students that serves as a peek into what your kids are actually experiencing both in and out of the classroom. But what would it actually look like to bring YouHue to your days? Let us walk you through the typical experience in just a few minutes’ read.

Fitting YouHue Into Your Day
One of the most magical aspects of YouHue is that it can be used anytime, anywhere. Some educators find it beneficial to start their day with student logs, as a sort of opening activity after the bell rings. Others may find it easier to offer YouHue as a student-led activity once classwork is finished.

How long does the average check-in take? Only a couple of minutes, depending on how much each child wants to share that day. We designed it to be quick so as to not take away from your learning routine.

And what do students need to complete their check-ins? A computer, tablet, or another smart device — which is pretty simple if your children already have access to these throughout their days.

On the educator’s end, the time you put in is up to your discretion. Some days it may be a few seconds of scrolling to check on your class’s chosen emojis. Other days, it may be more labor intensive — reading student logs, replying to challenges, and sending red-flagged messages to the proper school support staff. But the gist is that if you have time, you can make a difference. And if you don’t have a minute to spare, it’ll be alright — your students are still benefiting from logging their emotions on their own.

Also, skipping a few days of logs isn’t a deal breaker. We know you’re busy. So we’ve designed the program to be picked up, set down, and picked back up again as needed. Small interruptions will not take away from the benefits your students receive.

What Do Students See?
When a child opens the YouHue app, they’ll be met with a bright, welcoming board of emojis with the question, “How are you feeling?” up on top. Once they choose an emotion, they’ll be able to read the vocabulary that goes along with it. Then, they will have the option to write about why they are feeling that way. And last but not least, share it with their educators.

If students have extra time to review their app, they will have the opportunity to look back on past logs. This can help them review entries and look for patterns — are Mondays always a bit tougher? Do they tend to feel happier when they have sports practice to look forward to?

These small bits of information can help children find focus on what makes them feel good inside — a skill that Psychology Today refers to as an “ongoing, ever-intriguing adventure.”

What Do Educators See?
Educators see what is shared with them in YouHue. They can see an overview of their class’s emotions, as well as detailed responses that are shared with them. Sometimes, messages will be flagged to notify educators of concerns to students or others due to message content. This helps make sure the most urgent messages are seen straight away.

Educators can respond with written messages to support learners who are having a hard time. And just like students, educators will be able to look for patterns in children’s entries to better customize their learning environment. Other abilities include full-class messages, and nudges to students to share how they’re feeling when they look like they may be struggling.

What Types of Positive Changes Can You Expect?
YouHue not only provides students with a safe space to share and communicate about emotions. It also builds general SEL skills and broadens emotional vocabulary. Some other unique benefits you are likely to see include:

  • Strengthened communication skills
  • Deeper emotional understanding
  • Improved self-expression and self-esteem
  • Improved student relationships
  • Increased academic success
  • More empathy
  • Crisis intervention opportunities
  • Bullying prevention
  • And more

Overall, YouHue packs incredible benefits into a short amount of class time. If you’re ready to give the app a try, contact our team today. We’d be overjoyed to help guide you through the process of bringing YouHue to your students!