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January 30, 2023According to eSchoolNews, YouHue Fits the Bill as a Calmness-Creating EdTech Tool

We recently stumbled upon this article from eSchoolNews, which covers the capabilities that tech tools offer in regard to creating calmer classrooms. When scrolling through their carefully-curated aspects to consider, written by professors and subject matter experts, we found that YouHue checks several of the boxes on its own. Read on to learn more about what YouHue is capable of in this regard, as well as why each of these points matters so much to students across the globe.

#1: Mental Health Check-Ins to Start the Day
This is YouHue’s main focus, and the feature you’re likely most aware of. Our app doesn’t need to be used at the beginning of the day or even every day, however. It can be used whenever classrooms have a few minutes to spare.

eSchool News suggests apps that start with the question, “How are you feeling?” In other words, YouHue’s exact verbiage.

YouHue’s check-ins also allow students to select an emoji that best results their feelings — a set of symbols that students today are very comfortable with. After the selection process, learners are given a multitude of (completely optional) opportunities to explain why they are feeling the way they are, learn more about the feeling they are experiencing and potential coping techniques, review past feeling logs, and share feelings with their educators.

#2: Mindfulness Activities
With YouHue, there’s no need for an additional mindfulness app. Mindfulness activities are built directly into the program. Educators can assign these tasks as they see fit. They may also pop up as suggestions when students submit particular emotions or challenges.

The eSchoolNews article mentions how being able to be presently aware of feelings, thoughts, and sensations can have a significant impact on mental health, and we couldn’t agree more.

#3: Private, Digital Feedback
With YouHue, educators have the ability to not only see every log that is shared with them but also respond to them. Educators may simply want to let students know they are there for them, or they may have more concrete suggestions to help.

This benefits students by offering both a safe space to share hardships and complete privacy. Kids may not be willing to talk to teachers out loud about the most difficult things in life, especially when other students are within earshot, but they’re much more likely to open and read a message on their school iPad.

YouHue also includes a red flag feature, which immediately notifies the educator and other essential staff members, such as the school counselor, when concerning keywords and/or phrases are used.

Other Well-Intentioned eSchoolNews Advice
The experts behind the eSchoolNews article did include a few more pointers, though none of them could be accomplished by any single tech tool. We fully agree with implementing these actions in your classroom if calmness is what you are seeking.

  • Play calming background music and or/videos — whether it’s piano tunes or nature imagery, these tech tips can serve as awesome calming tools during class.
  • Dim the lights — bright, fluorescent lights can feel stressful for students, especially in environments that may already invoke anxiety. Dimming the lights or switching to floor lamps are excellent solutions.
  • Controlled Internet Access — Narrowing down the sites kids can access during school hours can help boost calmness as well. Social media, for example, brings stress to students on a regular and isn’t necessary during the school day.

At YouHue, we’re proud to land among the tools that check all of the boxes that education field experts request. We’re more than just a check-in app — though the importance of “How are you feeling?” will never disappear. We help support student mental health in every way that tech possibly can. And we’ll continue to do so for as long as students need.

If you’re ready to bring YouHue into your school or classroom, contact our team or sign up for your free account today. We’d be thrilled to have you on this journey alongside us!