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Frequently Asked Questions

New to YouHue

YouHue is a technology schools use to help students practice self-expression in the classroom and help teachers get to know each of their kids as individual learners.

The YouHue app uses mood tracking to help students understand emotions and express them. It helps students practice social-emotional skills while giving educators insights that can be used to support student learning, surface challenges, and build meaningful relationships.

YouHue is accessible on any internet-enabled device. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can also access it on a web browser via our website.

For students:
1. YouHue on the web
2. App Store
3. Google Play

For educators:
1. YouHue on the web
2. App Store
3. Google Play

No. Although it is efficient for students to have their own devices, YouHue is designed in a way that makes it easy to be used on shared devices. A number of schools are using it on shared devices in the same classroom or across the school.

All over the world, YouHue is used by public, private and special needs schools. It works for K-12 (primary and secondary education).

Yes, for students with special needs and identified mental health issues, the app serves as an important source of information for not only teachers, but also parents and healthcare workers. Through the data collected in the app, we are able to learn more about a particular student’s triggers, passions, talents, and areas in which they struggle or thrive.

For students, it takes between a minute to two to express their emotion. We only ask one question, “How are you feeling?” A student selects an emotion, describes why they are feeling that emotion and shares it with educators.

For educators, it may take up to 10 minutes per day to look through the logs of the students and respond to them depending on how often their students are logging.

Yes, YouHue supports remote learning. When COVID-19 began, most of our schools moved to distance learning. We do all that we can to support our educators and students.

YouHue is free for schools of upto 100 students. YouHue is priced at a fixed per academic year cost. You can view the pricing plan on our website.

If you are a school or a school district/group, please get in touch with us at to discuss the pricing plan.

Yes, we do all that we can to suit the requirements of our schools. YouHue is free for upto 100 students. We also provide a free trial for schools with over 100 students for 30 days from invoicing which can be cancelled free of cost.

This means that you can decide to stop using our services at any time before paying the invoice. If you do not pay the invoice within 30 days, we will lock all your school’s educator and student accounts.

a) Sign up for your educator account here.

b) Once you have created your account, you will be able to create your school and add classes.

c) You can then add students as well as invite more educators to join your class.

1) If you would like to create a new class:

a) Sign up for your educator account here.

b) Once you have created your account, you will be able to join your school and add your class.

c) You can then add students as well as invite more educators to join your class.

2) If you would like to join an existing class at your school, please ask the educator of that class to invite you to their class using their YouHue Admin Dashboard.

No, you do not have to pay for the entire year. We will divide the yearly cost into three and bill you for the remainder of the terms.

Please get in touch with us at to discuss the pricing plan.

Payments are handled externally by the YouHue payments team. Our team sends your YouHue school admin an invoice which is due within 30 days.

This means that we will never ask our educators to pay because we understand that there are many decision makers in a school and the process can be tedious. Therefore, we stay in touch solely with your school’s admin regarding payments so you and your students can enjoy an uninterrupted experience of YouHue and let the concerned department take care of billing matters.

If you have any payment related queries, please email us at

If you don’t know how and where to start, we can help you get started with YouHue. Simply email us at and a member of our team will get back to you to help answer any questions you may have or schedule a call to guide you through.

At YouHue, our mission is to empower every child to understand how they feel and how to communicate that to their community.

While doing that, our team works very hard to stay at the forefront of privacy and security best practices so you can feel confident that your students are using healthy and responsible technology.

a) We use the personal information we collect for the sole purpose of providing and improving the service.
b) We will not retain student or educator personal information for any longer than is necessary to provide the service.
c) We don’t own any content or information you provide or we receive.
d) We will never sell or rent your personal information to any third-parties.
e) We use security industry best practices to protect personal information.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Using YouHue (Students)

It’s totally normal to feel a mix of emotions at once. Choose the emotion that is most predominant in your mind. For example, if you feel excited about a basketball game but anxious that you won’t do well, ask yourself: which emotion am I giving into most? If anxiety feels more powerful, then log about anxiety. It’s empowering to clarify to ourselves which emotion we are feeling most strongly and understand how the other emotions we are feeling at the time are related. You may only pick one emotion, but by doing that we better understand the others!

It’s very common to experience what we call “vague” emotions. This is when we don’t know exactly how to label how we feel or we’re not sure why we feel a certain way. In these moments it’s helpful to think, “how does my body feel?” “How much energy do I have?” “Is there something on my mind that is making it hard for me to focus?” Sometimes it can even just be helpful to guess which one you feel and then as you’re explaining ‘why’ you might get clarity on how you really feel.

Ask yourself questions as if you are a good friend checking in on you. Then, do your best to identify an emotion. The more you check in with yourself, the easier it will be to identify and understand your thoughts and feelings.

Some days you may not want to log. If you don’t feel like logging, that’s okay! Just know that YouHue is a judgment-free technology that accepts you where you’re at. You should never feel ashamed of your thoughts. Happy, sad, anxious, silly, tired, angry – YouHue accepts you for you.

No, an internet-enabled device is required to access YouHue.

Yes, you can stay logged in on your device by going into ‘My Account’ on your app and toggling right the ‘Keep me logged in’ button. However, if you are sharing a device in a classroom then it is highly recommended to not stay logged in and log out as soon as you have logged your mood.

Ask your educator to provide you with your class access code. It is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric code or a QR code. You will only need to enter it once on your device.

Ask your educator to provide you with your passcode. Keep it handy as you will need to enter it each time you want to log in. Don’t share your passcode with anyone!

Your school or your educator are responsible for deletion of your account. If for some reason you don’t want to be a part of YouHue, please speak to your educator and they will remove you from their YouHue class.

If you would like to update your name, let your educator know about the change and they will do it for you.

If you want to change your passcode, ask your educator to replace it with a new one.

Your first point of contact should be your educator. If for any reason you feel the need to talk to us about how to use YouHue, please contact us at

Don’t forget to mention your name, class, and school name.

Using YouHue (Educators)

Some of the best practices to use YouHue in your classroom are:

a) Ask at the start of each day – a great way to get started is by asking your students how they feel each day when they arrive at school.

b) Share at meaningful moments – you can start asking at moments that are meaningful in your classroom. For example, after recess or after a quiz or when current events might impact the lives of your students.

c) Let your students decide – you can give your students the opportunity to practice recognizing emotions when they need a moment to pause and reflect by telling them that they can choose to use YouHue when they feel like they need to. You might decide on some guidelines around this – if they need to ask first or where they can access YouHue.

On the YouHue Insights Dashboard, educators can see trends and insights in the emotions of their classroom and individual students.

We use analysis of trends based on a keyword/key-phrase and based on time. By seeing which keywords/key-phrases are used with different emotion types, we can link causes. By identifying on which days or times students felt certain ways, we can connect what was going on in the classroom to cause the emotions.

We have a library of hundreds of words and phrases that, when mentioned by a student, gets flagged. Our system alerts for topics related to academic difficulties, violence, self-harm, and other mental health problems.

We update our library frequently as we learn more. And we welcome all sorts of advice from our educators. If you would like to request the flagged words/phrases library or make recommendations, please email us at

Upon adding a class, your class will automatically be assigned a randomly-generated access code which is required to activate your YouHue class on a device for students. Your students only need to enter it once and it stays logged into that class any time a student opens the app.

You can find your class access code in your Admin Dashboard as a 10-digit alphanumeric code and a QR code.

No, an internet-enabled device is required to access YouHue.

If, for any reason, you need to change a student’s passcode, you can easily do it in your Admin Dashboard. Click on the Edit icon next to a student’s name and you will be able to change the passcode. A few reasons why you might want to change the passcode are:

a) You might want to manually issue your students easy-to-remember passcodes if they are young and it is difficult for them to remember their passcode.
b) A student’s passcode has become known to another student and to avoid unauthorized access it is best to issue them a new passcode.

Yes, you can create as many classes as you want by going to the menu in your Admin Dashboard and clicking on ‘Add a Class’.

YouHue is free until the total number of students in your school does not exceed 100. If you exceed the limit, you will be prompted to become or invite a school admin – an individual at your school who will be responsible for passing through the payment information to the concerned department.

Once your school is assigned an admin, you can get started right away and add as many students or classes as you want. We will be in touch with the school admin to finalize your pricing plan depending on the total number of students. You don’t have to worry about payments!

Every school subscribed to a paid plan requires a YouHue school admin. Their responsibilities include:

a) Point of contact with the YouHue team to manage pricing plan and payments
b) Verify educators requesting to join your school
c) Invite educators to join YouHue by adding them to verified educators
d) Edit school information

YouHue verifies an educator to make sure that they belong to the school they join upon signing up. This helps us determine the total number of students using YouHue at your school which then helps us classify you into categories for invoicing purposes.

You can get verified in the following ways:

a) Upload your school ID or any form of documentation that shows your name, title and school. If you do not want to share your school documentation, just reply to our verification email with your official title and a direct link to where you are listed on your school’s website.

b) If your school is already an existing paid school then you will not be receiving a verification email. Instead the verification request will be sent to your YouHue school admin who will then verify you.

You need to get verified within 30 days of you signing up before we lock your account.

Yes, when adding students you can copy and paste their names from an existing file or list. They will automatically be classified into first and last names.

Your school can exceed the limit of the number of students by 25 before your school needs to get upgraded to the next category. So, if you are subscribed to the 251-500 students plan, you can have upto 525 students in your school and stay in the same category after which you will not be allowed to add more students until you are upgraded to the next category.

At any time if you decide to upgrade to the next category, you will be invoiced for the difference depending on which term you upgrade in.

You can upgrade to the next plan by emailing us at

If, by mistake, you verify someone who is not an educator at your school, you can simply remove them in ‘My Account’ in your dashboard. This is also practiced in the case where an educator is no longer a part of your school.

To avoid the deletion of the whole class and therefore its data by mistake, we delete your class upon request. Contact us at if you want to delete your class.

Contact us at to delete your YouHue account.

Contact us at to change your email address.

You may contact us at Please include your name, class, and school name.

Need more help? Contact us or email us at