YouHue is a research-based mood tracking exercise helping young people develop healthy habits around understanding how they are feeling, expressing themselves appropriately, and being empathetic.

YouHue gives actionable insights to understand student learning needs
so schools can best support them to succeed.


Opening up the app, each student is asked, “How are you feeling?”

The student sees a set of emotional response options;
happy, confused, anxious, excited, loved, angry, calm, sad, and okay.

The student is then guided to reflect a little deeper about how they are feeling. They can further change the emotion to resonate more with how they feel, and enter a text description of why they feel the selected emotion.

The mood and description together make up the student’s “log”.
It is then saved, and sent to the educators associated with their account.

A student’s journal is the collection of all the logs they have created on YouHue.

The journal allows a student another type of self-reflection;
reflection in hindsight.

The student is able to see responses from educators on each of their mood logs.

A quick response allows the student to know that they are heard and can get
immediate support.

The YouHue exercise scaffolds young people’s understanding of ways in which they can express themselves appropriately. This understanding can then be translated into real life, helping kids develop the confidence, vocabulary and skillset to cope with emotional challenges.


Each educator has a collective journal for their classroom,
including the logs of each student.

Send a quick mindful response to your students when you feel the need to.

It is important to make students feel heard, particularly when you
are not able to respond to them in person.

Get a glimpse of how your students are doing.
Easily see when were their best and worst days,
so you can discuss why and make improvements.

Identify students’ moods and thoughts around topics that you select.
Better understand your students’ feelings on subjects that
matter to you and them.

Know when to intervene. Get email alerts when students log words or
phrases that may suggest their safety is at risk or they need extra support.

When a student uses a word or phrase that might indicate a safety concern,
an email alert is immediately sent to a designated member of the school’s staff and to a member of YouHue team, to make sure it is addressed.

Export your classroom and student data in the form of reports that help learn more about their emotional progress.

The insights dashboard makes it easy for educators to understand the emotions experienced by their students and how classroom life, academics, and other programs can be improved to better support students.

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