YouHue in schools

At YouHue, we’re dedicated to supporting your students self-report their emotions.

We’ve worked with thousands of schools all across the world, building emotionally healthy classrooms and a generation of children that are more self-expressed and resilient.

New Cairo British International School

The New Cairo British International School is the winner of the 2020 International Schools Award for Pastoral Initiatives. Tracy Connor, Pastoral Deputy Head Of Primary at New Cairo British International School discusses the role of YouHue in student support initiatives at her school.

"Students at NCBIS now know it is OK to not be OK. They feel confident to let us know how they are feeling whether it is positive or negative. This initiative has enabled us to pick up serious safeguarding cases that may have otherwise not have been flagged, as well as enabling us to identify students who would benefit from mentoring programs and SEL intervention. The check-in opens up the doors for children to talk."

"Students feel more confident to express themselves in a safe and respected way. Some students choose to only add an emoji, while others add detailed comments. It gives students an outlet… and it allows us to know the students on ‘another level’. They disclose things via YouHue that they would not necessarily disclose face to face – which allows us an insight into why students may be underperforming on certain days or during certain time periods."

Moss School, New Jersey

Moss School works with students from pre-k through kindergarten who have special needs. They are at the forefront of teaching social-emotional learning and started using YouHue to help their students connect more to SEL.

"To my surprise, YouHue was able to fill in the gaps where my students struggled the most during small group instruction. Although SEL implementation was already successful at Moss, YouHue kept students engaged, willing and excited to self-reflect — something that was a struggle to maintain prior."

Strawberry Mansion High School

Strawberry Mansion uses YouHue with their high school students who have special needs ranging from mild autism to complex schizophrenia. The app helps students calm down in the face of strong emotions, and helps them better understand their own feelings so they can manage them and communicate them to their teacher.

"It used to be, give [the student] any task and he would be like, ‘I can’t do it, I don’t want to do it,’ and he would put this whole big front on. YouHue helped him because it’s made him realize he can use his voice, and helped him realize he can do things. He’ll say he’s frustrated and I’ll tell him, ‘You can do it!’ and now he realizes he can. ‘I can!’ he says."

How does YouHue help schools?

YouHue is used in schools as a self-reporting measure whereby children can check-in how they are feeling each day via an emoji. They can also write more detailed notes

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