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Emotionally aware, happier classrooms

Implement check-ins, gain insight into students’ wellbeing, and advance social-emotional skills.

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It all starts with, “How are you?” Fill 4

YouHue uses mood tracking to help students
understand emotions and express them while making
it easy for educators to better support students.


Provide a safe space

Students communicate comfortably,
openly, and without fear of stigma.


Maximize student potential

Improve quality of relationships, increase academic
success, and decrease problem behavior.


Build consistency

Easily make social and emotional learning (SEL)
a part of everyday classroom life.


Students check in with their emotions

Provide students regular opportunities to share
their feelings and be heard

  • Connect causes and
    effects of emotions

  • Broaden emotional vocabulary

  • Learn how to manage and
    mitigate emotions when needed

  • Seed a culture of empathy
    in young people

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Connect with students

Communicate responses and share mindful activities with students to practice at home
and school



Better understand your classroom

Using insights, understand when and why
students feel the way they do

  • View your class’ best and worst days

  • Know when students are facing learning
    challenges, or mental health difficulties

  • Improve education outcomes, create positive
    behavior change, and combat bullying

Emotions Assessments

Track and monitor students’ emotional growth by generating detailed and informative reports on a monthly, termly, and yearly basis

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See why thousands of schools love using YouHue

My classes harped on self-awareness and building autonomy. Students knew to get right to work by opening their YouHue accounts and letting their thoughts meld with their emotions in any way they wished. I think it helped them feel comfortable and safe to share and be themselves. A couple students in particular benefited from the pause it created from the harried pace of life surrounding them.”Kristopher LavalleeHS Special Education, Huron High School, Huron School District

I believe YouHue is an extremely powerful tool in helping students to communicate their state of mind. I feel much more satisfied that we can tackle students mental, social and emotional wellbeing on a deeper and more personal level – and faster. It gives us a whole new dimension to the whole child.”Tracy ConnorDeputy Head, New Cairo British International School

YouHue allows my students to engage with themselves and get to know themselves really well. It allows children to feel valued and know how they feel matters. Students enjoy the anonymity of YouHue whereby they feel more comfortable disclosing but they also appreciate the fact that teachers get notified and can therefore follow up. So, it really hits that balance between being anonymous and being heard.”Jack LeesYear 5 Teacher, The Arbor School

“The impact is a happy school.”

Danni MattiazzoHead of Curriculum and Assessment
Larrakeyah Primary School

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Safety And Trust

Ensuring the privacy and protection of students, educators, and families.

Your data,
always secure.

We prioritize data security and integrity
by adhering to the most stringent
industry-standard protocols.

Your privacy,
our top concern.

We are compliant with COPPA, FERPA,
and GDPR in Europe, to ensure the
secure handling of your data at all times.

Your information, your control.

We never share your information with
advertisers, and only collect what is necessary
to provide our services. You can delete your
information whenever you want to.

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