Provide a safe space
for emotional regulation

Let students communicate
comfortably, openly, and without
fear of stigma, so they can voice
their needs, passions, and successes.


Better understand your
students as individuals

Improve quality of relationships
between educators and students,
increase academic success, and
decrease problem behavior.


YouHue builds consistency

Easily make social and
emotional learning (SEL) a
part of everyday classroom life.

How students feel has a big impact on how they behave, how they learn, and how they connect with others.

Check in

Pause, identify and reflect on
how they are feeling — connecting
causes and effects of their emotions.

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Put words around

Develop emotional vocabulary so students can express themselves with ease and confidence.

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Recognize patterns

Gain perspective. Work to eliminate or avoid certain triggers — focusing on how best to respond next time.

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Feelings our students express

A better understanding of your classroom creates a place where students grow, flourish and thrive.


Support student learning

Make it easy, using insights, to understand
when and why students feel the way they do.

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