YouHue was started with one mission: to help classrooms around the world create a culture surrounding emotions.

We started YouHue back in 2015, when we set out on a research project with the aim of making social and emotional learning (SEL) more accessible to schools globally. Our mission is to aid emotional expression, strengthen social-emotional skills, counteract bullying, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health support in the educational setting.

To gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of educators in the classroom, we conducted a comprehensive survey of educators from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Our findings illuminated the pressing need for social and emotional education, as traditional methods such as pencil and paper, posters, and videos were found to be insufficient.

With YouHue, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment where children feel free to express themselves. Our research indicates that regular, guided opportunities for self-expression have immediate benefits and lay the foundation for strong social and emotional health. By helping students form the habit of recognizing prompts and triggers that signal it’s time to check in with their emotions, we hope to inspire a new generation of students who feel seen, heard, and valued and are equipped with the skills they need to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Making a difference

At YouHue, we’re proud of the impact we’ve had on students, staff, and families in schools across the world. Our simple yet effective approach to SEL has garnered attention, and we’re thrilled to see real-life results that demonstrate our success. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished so far:

A Million Moods Captured

Over a million moods have been logged by students, providing invaluable insights into their emotional wellbeing and expression.

Partnerships and Successes

Partnered with numerous schools and districts, positively impacting the lives of countless students and educators.


Received recognition for our efforts in promoting emotional intelligence and wellbeing in schools.

User Approval

Gained positive feedback from students and educators regarding the effortless user experience, reliability, and trustworthiness.

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